NaPCA Moisturizer

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Humectants help skin hold on to precious moisture. With vitamin E and the natural humectant NaPCA, this cream is absorbed quickly to supplement skin’s own moisture-binding capacity. The dewy-light afterfeel of NaPCA Moisturizer makes it ideal for all skin types.


  • A unique combination of conditioners in a soothing, light cream.
  • Made from a nongreasy formula.
  • Uses NaPCA, a humectant found naturally in skin tissue, to help maintain optimal moisture level by binding water to the skin.
  • Imparts a softer, smoother texture to the skin through the use of emollients and soothers.
  • Hydrates skin and protects it against dryness.
  • Includes aloe vera to pamper, calm, and soothe skin.
  • Safety-Dermatologist Tested.